Writing Services & Pricing

For nearly three years, I worked as a marketing content writer for a major Christian publisher. During that time I wrote back cover copy for books and prepared content for ads, social media sites, websites, and more. I especially enjoy the challenge of creating descriptions for books (to appear on the back of the book, online catalogs and retail websites, etc.), but if you're in need of content in other areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch and see if I might be of service to you.


Book Descriptions

Add-on to Editing Services: $50

If you'd like me to write a description for your book after editing it, I'll simply add $50 to the overall editing fee. I will provide you with two different options for the description (each option not exceeding 250 words).

Without Editing Services: $75

As with the add-on service, I will provide you with two different options for the book description.


Disclaimers: I reserve the right to decline a project (as an editor or writer) if I don't think I would be the best fit. Also, please note that I'm not a ghostwriter. While I'd be happy to consider writing a blog post for you under my own name, I don't feel comfortable writing published content under someone else's name. Thank you for understanding!